Negocio de fundas de teléfono

¿Por qué se fabrican fundas antes de que el teléfono salga a la venta?

phone cases injection machine

As far as I know, the data of iPhone has already existed in the database of all the factories that make cell phone covers.

Recall that more than ten years ago, when Nokia was at its peak, 5230,5233 flooded the market with the high and low-end era, our foundry suddenly told us that Nokia will have a mid-range model on the market, which is in the middle of the 5230,5233, the name is not yet determined, but it will be sold very well! They immediately told us to produce stock, we half-heartedly followed others to order a little stock, the next month later, that peculiar-looking phone case, surprisingly sold a few times more than 5230,5233! I believe that friends familiar with the Nokia era should know that the 5230 was the king of the arcade!

Revealed! How Did These Models’ Data Leak Out In Advance?

In fact, it is because these machines are in the location of the phone manufacturer’s local OEM, and the phone shell part of the OEM in addition to their own relatively large-scale OEM, or outsourcing a part of the process or parts to the nearby small factories,

such as Dongguan, Shenzhen, those in the large factory near the small factory (large OEM also need the assistance of a variety of small factories to improve productivity so that the factory capacity to play the greatest advantage).

Then, if you need to do this phone case part of the parts will need some complete data to modify the design, of course, there are more people who like to take risks to go directly to the factory workers to buy through,

when off duty in the pants pocket, and then a handful of data can be sold for money, when the iPhone5, iPhone6 cell phone model data is sold to the merchants in Huaqiang Norte this way, in advance so that the merchants earn huge profits.

Do you think it’s easy to make a lot of money this way every time? I’m here to tell you, every time the data leaked out, there will be a miss, that year for the iPhone7 and iPhone6 volume holes, surprisingly,

there is a mold factory to provide the wrong data, so that a portion of the business loss, all offset about 20C, looks very ugly, here for you to explain, 20C is roughly equal to 0.2MM, 1MM = 100C.

Why do businessmen take data production in advance?

Because each factory is in the peak season, production capacity is limited, and off-season (two months before the release of the iPhone) is basically overcapacity, if you get accurate data in these two months to start production, then it is equal to the peak season (one month after the release of the iPhone) double the shipments, the profits are also doubled.

If you produce cases after the phone is released to the market, then you’re bound to lose market share dramatically, and as a businessman, no one would be stupid enough to do that, right?

molde de carcasa de teléfono

Model data leaks are judged on good and bad points

For the brand side

The good: the reach continues to grow, the conversation continues to grow, and in a way, this exchanges the brand for a reach that advertising spending would not have brought.

The bad: The lack of product secrecy has the potential to cause premature market volatility.

For merchants

Benefit: Early access to data equates to ample time to prepare marketing strategies to increase sales and profits.

Downside: Risk of losing money due to incorrect data.

From my personal point of view, in the case the brand can not fully control the market of cell phone cases, other cell phone case manufacturers have early access to data, although the brand may cause some degree of loss, in general, the impact is still more good than bad, after all, for the consumer,

they prefer to buy a good favorite personality of the phone case in advance to meet the new generation of cell phones, rather than buying a new phone and having to wait for the manufacturer to slow down to make the grinder, into production, schedule, ship, and sell.

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