Electronics Sourcing Service

Foshan Dolit provides sourcing services for a wide range of products in the consumer electronics category, and we have over 30 local Chinese electronics manufacturing factory alliance partners. We have absolute advantages in quality and price.

Phone Stands Sourcing

Phone Chargers Sourcing

Headphones & Earphones Sourcing


Foshan Dolit has more than 30 electronics manufacturing factory alliance partners in China, we provide wholesale and customized (logo, packaging, etc.) phone stands, phone chargers, headphones, wireless earphones, speakers, etc. Dolit has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing & sourcing, and the quality control of the alliance factories’ purchasing is also the best. Dolit has more than ten years of experience in brand OEM, and the quality control of alliance factory purchasing is also the leading level. If your company/brand needs professional customization of products sourced from us, please contact our team and we will provide you with comprehensive solutions.

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