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Mold Design

We will start to design & make phone case mold after receiving design files or requirements from our clients.

mold design
in mold labeling injection process China

In-Mold Labeling Injection

Insert the precision-cut 3D film into the plastic injection mold, fuse it under controlled temperature and pressure, and finally obtain the embellished final products.

CNC Drilling

To ensure quality, eliminate welding lines, and improve film positioning, we opt to eliminate holes from the injection mold and instead drill them using a CNC machine post-injection molding, despite the increased cost.

full inspection and testing

Full Inspection & Testing

We are In adherence to rigorous quality standards, each unit undergoes meticulous inspection and cleaning to prevent any inclusion of defective products. Our stringent quality control processes detect imperceptible defects, ensuring that only flawless products are delivered.

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