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Foshan Dolit One Stop Station production service of OEM/ODM. Detailed phone case manufacturing processes introduction.

OEM/ODM customization

Dolit specializes in OEM and ODM services, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality phone cases, tablet cases, and earphone cases in China. We excel in customizing cases to incorporate your unique logo, brand, and design. With our OEM services, customers provide their specific ideas, designs, and product specifications, and our original factory diligently sources or manufactures the desired products to meet their exact requirements and preferences.

phone case design

1. Design and Evaluation

The project commences with the submission of design drawings. Customers have the option to provide us with their own design files. Our team of experienced and qualified engineers will thoroughly evaluate the feasibility of the design. In case the design is not suitable for realization, we will offer professional suggestions and recommendations. Alternatively, if customers do not have a design file, our engineers can assist in creating one.

Once the details of the design drawings are confirmed, we proceed with the project. We conduct comprehensive meetings to establish a comprehensive plan and procedure. During these discussions, we address potential challenges that may arise, such as flash, scratches, aberrations, and more. We take necessary precautions to ensure a smooth process. Additionally, we provide customers with a detailed time schedule upon finalizing the plan.

2. Molds Confirm

We embark on the crucial task of mold creation. Prior to commencing this phase, our highly skilled engineers convert the 3D files into mold-specific formats. To ensure utmost precision and durability, we procure top-quality imports, selected based on the customer’s specific requirements and product design. 

Once all necessary preparations are complete, our seasoned engineers diligently initiate the mold opening process, adhering to the predetermined timeline. Typically, this phase takes between 13 to 25 days, depending on the complexity of the product structure.

phone case molds
silkscreen printing technology

3. Measurement Operation and Quality Assurance

Following the completion of the molds, our team of skilled engineers utilizes state-of-the-art 3D/2D measurement machines to meticulously evaluate the accuracy and precision of the mold data. This critical step ensures that all dimensions are within the specified tolerance of 0.01mm. 

Should any discrepancies be identified, immediate modifications are made to guarantee the flawless production of the phone cases. This stringent quality assurance process is instrumental in delivering impeccable results to our valued customers.

4. Making Pre-production Samples

Once the mold is prepared, production samples will be meticulously crafted from the mold and subjected to rigorous testing (T0). Every aspect of this sample batch will be carefully examined, and any defects or issues identified will be addressed promptly. Once we have resolved any defaults, we will send the customer a selection of high-quality samples for their confirmation. 

To proceed with mass production, we kindly request the customer’s endorsement of a golden sample, indicating their satisfaction and approval. This critical step ensures that the subsequent production aligns perfectly with the customer’s expectations.

crocodile print series case

5. Formal Mass Production

During this phase, we will operate at maximum capacity while maintaining strict quality control measures. Continuous random or full inspections will be conducted at each step to ensure the highest level of quality. Once production is complete, we meticulously clean and meticulously inspect each product to guarantee its excellence. 

Moreover, customers have the option to arrange their own QC team to conduct inspections based on their standard operating procedures (SOPs). This ensures that every product meets the desired specifications and adheres to the highest quality standards.

6. Professional Packaging

Upon completion of the inspection process, we meticulously clean each custom electronic device case and conduct a thorough quality assessment for each individual unit. Subsequently, our team proceed to carefully pack the cases into retail packaging, which is then placed inside a sturdy outer carton. 

Our commitment to using robust cartons ensures the utmost safety and protection of the phone cases during transit, guaranteeing that they arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition.

In the realm of Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), our customers express a keen interest in our unique portfolio of Dolit products, either by embracing our existing offerings or by requesting the incorporation of their own brand identity or custom patterns. This necessitates a collaborative approach wherein we work closely with our clients to seamlessly integrate their desired elements into our products, ensuring a seamless fusion of their brand essence with our exceptional designs.

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