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Liquid Silicone Case VS Frosted Silicone Case

Liquid Silicone Case

liquid silicone case vs frosted case amazon

I have one of the liquid silicone cases, the feel is slippery and skin-friendly, really comfortable, but not easy to slip! I love it myself, the color is minimalist and quite nice, but I have to admit that any liquid silicone is dusty, this one I have is considered better, but it resists fingerprints and cleans well too, which is a real plus.

Some people find liquid silicone can be heavy, so you can opt for a case without flocking! By eliminating the inner flocking, it’s not as heavy overall and dissipates heat much, much better than the ones with flocking.

Some liquid silicone may be made slightly thicker and heavier to protect against drops and knocks, with a fleece lining inside, and I feel that the drop resistance without the fleece is pretty good already!

General liquid silicone is raised to food grade and, compared to other materials is safer and healthier. The picture is in no way to describe how good it feels.

Different Choices

Like the simple, skin-friendly feel of the users, the liquid silicone shell will not let you be disappointed.

But the liquid silicone on the market is not true, some people may buy a cheaper shell that is not liquid silicone and mistakenly think that they have purchased liquid silicone, leading them to think that the liquid silicone shell feel is not as delicate as the Internet says, this is still to identify themselves.

In addition to this solid color fine hole, more people may choose the through-hole case. I think that the lens part of this kind of shell is easier to bump if you can still choose the fine hole.

There are also semi-transparent liquid silicone, this type should be relatively rare, the general liquid silicone will be made opaque, and semi-transparent liquid silicone, Apple logo hidden will be more popular.

Frosted Cases

liquid silicone case

Does buying a frosted silicone case usually for its appearance? Solid color frosted case is naturally the most popular, but out of date, most still prefer solid colors, our frosted case is to do the ultra-thin models, mainly to restore the feel of the bare phone. Boys use up gentleman, girls use up fashion.

Fine hole should still be more popular, now most of the market do through-hole, but through-hole will look better. I think that the protection performance is of course the fine hole is better, some users love to care that the phone will be specifically affixed to the lens film, like through-hole users affixed to the lens film is also a good choice.

The most important

It is best to choose a case with a brand guarantee, your experience will be different, there are tens of dollars on the market, even a few dollars dozen dollars, usually just decorate the phone if you want to choose, or choose a brand shell to experience. Like wireless charging may choose this type of MagSafe-certified liquid silicone. All in all, what you like is the most important.

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