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Should I sell IMD cases or not?

The timeliness gap

Should I sell IMD cases or not
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IMD printing is more accurate than UV printing and scratch-resistant process, the theory is the customer’s optimal quality control options, but IMD printing has a relatively affect the efficiency of the problem is the need for sheet printing. Printing is subject to orders are commissioned by a professional printing plant to wait for the production of film to print the order, and the order to start with no less than 200 large pieces (can be made of 2000 cell phone cases).

Under normal circumstances, from your submission of pattern design, everywhere in the film, queuing printing, to the factory order to help you on the machine injection molding, all processes are prioritized, you need at least not less than a week’s time, for UV printed phone cases, they have begun to shelves for sale, and can even sell a lot of orders. Although the quality of IMD is better than UV printing, but in the pre-development, has lost a certain efficiency time.


Here we take one of the current sale to analyze:

Platform sales tell you, now do flower pattern phone case is more hot, you consider doing better IMD process quality, better customer satisfaction, so you choose this program, start to let the artwork output corresponding to the series of patterns for you to select the style.

And in this efficiency point in time on the design, you and the use of UV printing competitors are basically the same, everyone is within 1-2 days to choose a good pattern, commissioned by the corresponding technology foundry sampling production of physical products, product photography on the shelves.

But competitors can sample in 48 hours, and on the e-commerce platform of this hot series of new products, this time your IMD products began to wait for the film out of the picture. In fact, the final satisfaction of the results you are not adjusted, because the computer design and the actual printing of the above color difference or a certain difference in the effect.

You may not necessarily be able to sample once satisfied with the production of the product because of the IMD is a priority for the quality, so for the color and the visual effects of the relatively high priority you are also such a gap between the production efficiency so that you can not in a timely manner to grasp the best time to sell on the network.

Depends on your positioning

Of course, this is what I call winning business strategy, if you have a lot of fans, or consumer customer base is very mature, of course, in order to your quality products, customers can accept to go to wait, this case IMD process can be the first choice.

Then we have to analyze the return order and inventory management, which is the most headache, based on the IMD product order time is long, you will have to customize the inventory to make a large, of course, assuming that the style sales did not take off, then the inventory will be a nightmare, because the minimum order of 100pcs per picture per model.

According to the iPhone 15 series only at the moment, if your hot regular stock is no less than 10, how much is that stock? You can do the math yourself.

Addendum: The high quality of IMD cases is really hard to resist.

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