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Trendy Wholesale Airpods Customization Cases

Looking for Wholesale Airpods Customization Cases?

What are the trendy wholesale Airpods customization cases that deserve the attention of dealers or individual sellers?

But firstly, let’s start with some practical information about Airpods, a product we are all familiar with and which has been a leading presence for a long time. Right at the end of 2022, AirPods celebrated its 6th birthday. Is the dominance of AirPods in the global TWS headphone market still solid today?

December 19 of last year marked the sixth anniversary of the official release of the first AirPods. In the six years since their release, AirPods have changed the audio experience for users around the world, and have pushed everything from cell phone manufacturers and audio hardware manufacturers to small startups to join the TWS headphone transformation/entrepreneurship wave, but it’s Apple that has made the most money.

Trendy Wholesale Airpods Customization Cases

Market Analysis Forecast

The number of Airpods sold has conservatively exceeded 300 million, this number is very large, with an average life of 3 years, there are at least more than 200 million Airpods users using the old device, and the new Airpods have been listed, sales volume will be how much?

This huge number of base, official dealers or self-employed opportunities, websites, stores, social media stores, etc. are filled with a large number of buyers, they need personalized headphone cases, but where do we procure reliable and quality headphone cases? European and American wholesalers? China? Or Southeast Asia? I believe each region has its own production advantages. But I’ll show you in the next section a product line from some Chinese manufacturers, a product line that will open up the market for you.

Have you seen this and can’t resist stocking up? If not, please read on.

Manufacturers Have Something To Say

Most of these are lacquered, but of course, if you have special manufacturing requirements, you can put forward your specific requirements before we work together, whether you want to customize them into a lovely style or a distinctive design with an appearance like a lifestyle item, we can meet your requirements.

What about materials? Don’t worry, we have the most comprehensive range of materials available, the popular silicone, TPU, and leather, we can supply them all, what about composite materials? Of course, we do! As long as you specify the material you need to make this AirPods case before the business negotiation, we will do our best to meet your needs.

Do you like these classic or kawaii AirPods cases? Your customers should want to have these creative designs too. As a source manufacturer, we welcome visits to our production site from our dealers, and if you have any more ideas for accessory products, please feel free to contact us.

Why choose a Chinese manufacturer

The choice I gave was Chinese manufacturers, why? There are several reasons:

  • Europe and the United States manufacturers are very good quality above, but the price is also relatively high, which is the direct reason, the increase in costs means the compression of profit margins.
  • Southeast Asian countries have very low production costs, but because of the production equipment and the technical experience of the production staff, and the quality gap, there is a relative lack of stability in the quality of the guarantee.
  • China has experienced about 30 years of manufacturing development and is now facing an exodus of low-end manufacturing, but the core production technology and experience and lower production costs for the brand are still the first choices. This is the most suitable option in the middle.

Why choose us at Dolit?

We are one of the top 5 manufacturers of mobile phone accessories in South China, with over 13 years of experience in the industry, producing a range of peripheral products including mobile phone cases, wireless headset cases, tablet cases, charging accessories, protective films, and more. Our customers cover the world and we currently have over 6000+ partners in over 56 countries and regions. We offer all product customization services and dedicated 1-to-1 order follow-up.

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