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How to Save a Million Dollars When Sourcing Cell Phone Cases

saving money when sourcing phone cases

Cell phone case is a consumable product, nowadays the average annual market demand is around 1.5 billion, which is huge data. With more brands entering the cell phone case market, many sellers are interested in the need for stable and reliable high-quality suppliers, the brand side may have a lot of senior purchasers, and all of them have a certain degree of experience in mobile phone case purchasing.

But there is a way to follow up on the work of the company to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, they may not really understand. Let me slowly tell you the secret from the manufacturer’s point of view.

3 Steps to Reduce Costs for Cell Phone Case Brand Sourcing

1 . Get sellers’ information from major B2B platforms

There are a lot of well-known B2B websites in the world, here I take the 3 big websites in China as reference:,, and

For these three large sourcing sites, you can find countless suppliers on it, perhaps some of the prices will really make you feel very favorable and even want to contact them immediately to quote, face to face.

But if you ignore the platform will charge merchants a variety of fees, and you find these platforms you only need to do one thing, which is to pick 5-10 (depending on you) suppliers, and collect all their contact information, remember not to contact them directly on the platform – the second step will tell you why.

2 . Bypass the platform and contact suppliers directly

Now you have the contact details of some of your vendors on hand, but you wonder why you’re collecting them instead of contacting them directly.

The reason is:

The platform extracts the merchant’s platform fees, advertising costs, mailing costs, and so on. The wool comes from the sheep’s back, and what do merchants do when they’re being robbed by the platform of the cost of each order?

1. Increase service fees.

2. Raise the price of the product

Making the final offer to the purchasing or business user, which is the only way the supplier can do to make up for the loss.

analysis before procure phone cases

Why bypass the platform to contact suppliers directly?

Utilizing the information collected to contact suppliers directly (WeChat /Phone Number / Email/ WhatsApp) has 2 major benefits:

1 . Many little drops make an ocean.

To directly visit or search on platforms such as Google Link as a reason to inform the phone case suppliers of their own history and in the price negotiation stage as much as possible to get a better offer than the platform, once or twice perhaps you can not see how much you can reduce the cost of the company from it, but for years and years down the line, it will be a lot of money to spend, especially the procurement of large brands.

2. Platforms also have limitations

 In the process of understanding the supplier to get more than the platform of real information (factory factories/production capacity/staffing), the screening of suppliers and planning for long-term cooperation with the brand strategy has a greater help. The platform shows only a front of the production side, and can not provide you with absolute information to identify the good and bad.

3 Select suppliers and develop a long-term cooperation strategy

After a series of investigations you finally choose a phone case supplier to provide long-term customized product production services for your business brand. Before that you need to develop a strategic plan for long-term cooperation, why do you need to do this plan?

1. Setting long-term goals

Clearly defining the direction of brand development and product track is an important part of the whole marketing strategy.

2. Long-term win-win cooperation

In the context of reasonable and mutually beneficial cooperation, phone case suppliers will work for your brand after a period of integration, because local suppliers like us in the face of overseas customers, in the first place in the enterprise service is always a long-term partner (this does not mean that other partners are not important, just long-term stable partners in our development vision is the most critical).

The development of the brand drives the development of our manufacturers, the development of manufacturers to promote the development of technology and for the brand to think about how to minimize the cost to improve the efficiency of all aspects of the case, with such a healthy partnership, then in the marketing can not be more assured that the strategic promotion of it?

3. Cooperation makes each other strong.

Forces are mutual, and twine is stronger when twisted together. A good long-term strategic plan that involves both the brand and the supplier can enable them to fulfill each other in the relationship and resist all kinds of external competition.


Some people say that this method is a lucky person bias, but you do not try it, no pioneering spirit, how will you find that there is such a technique can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in procurement costs?

But the premise of all this is that you have to make sure that the cell phone case supplier you choose can provide you with high-quality products and services like Otterbox or Casetify, can’t say the same quality, but at least it is only second to the product quality of these two brands, right?


The platform provides us with absolute security and comprehensive information about the suppliers, I am also an absolute fan of the platform, and this blog is limited to personal views to share, for reference only.

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