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How to Start a phone case business?

Project understanding:

1. cell phone case business, in the end, how profitable?

Once as the owner of a brick-and-mortar computer digital store who also worked of phone case business, Tina told me that selling phone cases is indeed more profitable than selling cell phones!  

I remember a time when Twitter hot search appeared: “Why young people don’t like to change their cell phones”.

In fact, it is clear to those who really know, during the past three years of masks, young people have replaced their cell phones much less frequently than before. Data shows that the smartphone market is no longer vibrant, and production of phones from all major brands is declining. However, data from NPD Group shows that more than 75% of smartphone users are using cases, and more than 10 million users will buy more than 12 cases each year.

After all, people who can’t get a new phone may not be able to afford a case. A new case for your phone is like a new phone, and can also be applied to different occasions to bring different moods.

Like necklaces and lipsticks, cell phone cases for women have become the “third accessory”, matching with clothes and bags to bring out a good mood.

One of our client’s team mainly deals with custom cell phone cases, and the peak period is usually in May, June, July, August, September, and December to January. During the peak season, my client can net about $21,000 per month, excluding the salaries of two customer service staff. In the off-season months of February, March, April, and October/November, the revenue is only enough to cover the salaries of two customer service agents.

This income situation means that this program is more suitable for groups such as self-employed people, college students, part-time workers, or mothers with small children. If you don’t have to pay others, you can get tens of thousands of dollars level income per month, which is equivalent to one salary. However, if you want to expand your business to increase your income, you need to find more lucrative product categories as a team business.

Our preferred business platforms: Amazon, and Shopify, Our target user group: The consumers of phone cases are mainly women, accounting for more than 70%, aged between 15-30 years old. These fashionable, individualistic young women like to have unique fashion-style phone cases to show their personality on the one hand and avoid the embarrassment of “bumping cases” with others on the other.

phone case manufacturer phone case UV machine


The complete strategy on the selection of cell phone cases

1. Research popular products in short video platform

There is one characteristic of the cell phone case project: traffic promotion means profit. We can search on two platforms, TikTok and Amazon, and observe which products are popular. Products with high discussion are worth paying attention to and trying.

2. Compare and analyze the products on short video platforms with e-commerce platforms

Take the liquid silicone case as an example, if we find people discussing this topic on TikTok, it means that the case made of this material has a potential user group. Next, we can compare the price difference on Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart to determine the profit margin of the product.

From the discussion in the comment section, the price difference between the platforms for liquid silicone cases is quite large. Products with a price difference have a high-profit potential, which constitutes a complete selection strategy.

3. Suggestions on the choice of platform

At present, I think the two most worthwhile platforms are Amazon and Shopify:

Amazon: large traffic, relatively small competition. Choose Amazon because it has a huge flow, easy to open a store, and you can receive a lot of group purchase orders from businesses or community groups. According to the detailed steps provided online, newcomers can easily complete the opening of the store and receive orders, relatively simply.

Shopify: higher profits. Shopify is an independent platform, an accurate customer base is on the platform. However, there is a certain threshold for video editing, photography, copywriting, and other aspects. Here, people who are good at interface optimization and SEO and ad placement are suitable to try this platform.

These two platforms are less difficult for newbies to operate and have good prospects. I recommend trying Amazon, detailed tutorials Google on Amazon’s official website or some bloggers are available, just follow the steps to operate.

Shopify phone case business

The detailed steps to open a cell phone case store.

1. Select the platform:

Here I recommend several platforms for newcomers [Amazon open store, Shopify open store, WordPress open store]. Due to customer precision, these platforms are easier to open a successful store.

Find a quality phone case manufacturer similar to fsdolida as their own brand supplier to ensure quality and a stable supply chain, after all, product quality is most important.

2. Cell phone case category selection:

Silicone material shell

Plastic phone case

Metal cases/Magsafe cases

Glass cases

– Optimize store keywords and product descriptions: Optimize store keywords and product descriptions for target customer groups. Use popular search terms, popular tags, and attractive descriptions to improve search rankings and attract potential customers.

– Establish brand image and style: Establish a consistent brand image and style for your phone case store. This includes the store name, logo, design style, etc. A unique and appealing brand image will make it easier for customers to remember your store.

– Develop promotional strategies: Develop appropriate promotional strategies to attract customers to buy. You can stimulate customers’ willingness to buy through various forms such as limited-time discounts, full discount offers, and free buying activities.


Project Prospects

With the combination of cell phone cases and trendy culture, there are more and more cell phone cases with unique designs and materials in the market. These products have attracted many consumers, especially young people who pursue personalization. The following points reflect the potential and future development trends of the cell phone case market:

1. Material innovation: Holdit, Burga and other brands continue to innovate in phone case materials to improve product quality and user experience.

2. Cross-border cooperation: mobile phone case brands cooperate with other trendy brands to develop co-branded products with characteristics, such as the cooperation between CASETiFY and Disney, Louvre, etc.

3. Live e-commerce: cell phone case manufacturers began to use live e-commerce platforms for product promotion to expand market share.

4. High repurchase rate: Amazon consumer data shows that more than half of phone case buyers are old users, with a repurchase rate of more than 200%.

5. Personalization: Amazon, Shopify, and other e-commerce platforms to launch personalized phone case customization services to meet the needs of consumers for personalized products.

6. Star effect: Many stars and idol groups have influenced fans to buy the same phone cases, and phone cases have become an important tool for young people to show their personality.

MagSafe phone case

After all, it is easy to buy the same model of KOL wearing costly financial resources, but it is easy to buy a simple and practical, affordable the same model cell phone case.

To sum up, the cell phone case market is promising and has great potential for development. As a practitioner, seizing these opportunities and constantly innovating products and services, it is possible to stand out in the market competition and achieve profitability goals.

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